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Guild Interest Weekends

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The Guild of Maintainers is promoting a bi-monthly series "Guild Interest" Weekends where all explorers will be able to get in touch with the various Guilds and Groups participating to this event to get to know them better and understand what they do. The main gathiering place will be Kirel but other public places may be used too, such as Guild Pubs, Neighborhoods (Bevins) and Ae'gura.

Shorah and Good Day to all of you out there.

As Jishin posted previously in the D'ni University thread, over at the GoMa we came up with the idea of having people visit Kirel for a day and allow explorers to come, visit and see the Guilds in motion. The ability for new players and old ones who had yet to delve into the Guilds see what they have done, still do and hope to do in the future may help to ease the questions some have and perhaps create a greater unity in the Cavern.

It is from this that I ask every Guild, official and unofficial, every Club, every Fan Group and all those who wish to share their commonalities and differences to take part in a bi-monthly "Interest Weekend" in Kirel from now until the foreseeable future. Whether this turns out to be weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly has yet to be decided on (my personal opinion falls around bi-monthly or simply once a month, but aside from that), yet regardless of the regularity, it's been felt that it would be nice if there was a feeling that the Guilds were showing an interest not only in open progress but also in simply connecting with explorers and giving them the chance to speak and learn from eachother in a relaxed environment.

The idea for the first interest meeting is that it will be held next weekend ( the weekend of March 27-28 ) throughout all hours of the two days. The notion is that Guilds and Clubs will meet in Kirel at any point in the day, gather around certain locations and then speak with anyone who shows interest in their groups. Even if people simply want to show their presence, this is an idea that I think would be enjoyable not only for the Guilds, but in the future for groups or clubs that want to get their message out without having to awkwardly go from person to person, and know from the get-go who's interested in what they have to say.

Again, this is completely optional for any and all of the Guilds, but it's intended that the Guild of Maintainers will definitely have a presence in Kirel over the coming weekend. We hope to see you there, and hope that other Guilds and Clubs will agree to show themselves and share their messages with everyone who wants to learn and take a more active role in the Cavern if they so choose.

Thanks in advance, and see you all in Kirel next weekend.

~M. Wheeler, Guild of Maintainers

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Avril 3, 2010 (Toute la journée) - Avril 4, 2010 (Toute la journée)
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